Applications: A fully completed application signed by each proposed tenant is required.

2. Application Fee: A Thirty Dollar ($30.00) nonrefundable application fee must accompany the application.
3. Employment Verification: Each tenant must sign and return an Employment Verification Request upon a form to be provided by the manager .
4. Credit Bureau Check: Each tenant and co-signer must have a good credit rating and a satisfactory credit report. A credit check will be conducted to verify each tenant's and cosigner's credit rating.

Income Qualifications: Each tenant or his/her co-signer shall establish that (1) he or she has net monthly disposable income of at least twice the monthly rent, and (2) that each tenant and co-signer has gross income equal to at least three (3) times the monthly rent. Each tenant or co-signer must meet both of the foregoing criteria. For purposes of this paragraph, net disposable income means net income less existing debts (for example, car payments and credit card or store accounts).

Each tenant, except for spouses and children, or each tenant's parents or legal guardians co-signing the lease for such tenant shall meet the foregoing income qualifications. Where parents of a tenant are co-signing the lease, both parents, if living, shall co-sign the lease.

6. No Criminal Record: No tenant shall have a criminal record, excluding traffic offenses.
7. Limit on Number of Adults and Total Number of Occupants: No more than two (2) persons over the age of 18 shall live in any apartment. The total number of persons residing in an apartment shall not exceed the maximum allowed by law, including but not limited to Section 6-155 of the Columbia Code of Ordinances.
8. Total Number of Cars per Apartment: Only one ( 1) car shall be permitted per tenant, which shall be registered with the office.
9. Pet policy: Two cats (max) are allowed per apartment. One time $200 pet fee (per pet) with $15 monthly pet rent (per pet). Birds and fish are also permitted. No tenant shall permit any other pets or other animals in their apartment, or on the premises or grounds at any time. Violation of the pet policy shall result in a $200.00 fine.

Security Deposits: A security deposit equal to one ( 1) month's rent shall be paid at the time of signing the lease.

11. Each Tenant who leases or occupies an apartment leased from Landlord for less than one year shall pay a $550.00 administrative Sublease fee to the Landlord. The fees are due before subleasing. Any sublease agreement must be approved by the Landlord prior in advance.